Bring React to life with animations

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Hey there 👋

Thank you for attending my talk about animations in React! Here you can find all demos I used during presentation as well as some useful resources that explain in greater details some of the things I mentioned in the talk.

Also feel free to browse around for more programming articles.

🎮 Interactive demos

  1. CSS animations
  2. “Swipe down to dismiss” modal
  3. Animate between units using react-spring
  4. Animate between units using framer-motion
  5. “FLIP” technique
  6. “Scale-counter scale” technique

✍🏻 Articles

  1. Multi-step animations transitions
  2. Using will-change property
  3. Get started with framer-motion
  4. Cool horizontal scroll interaction using react-spring

📹 Video course

Want to become a master of animation on the web? I’m working on a video course about making animations using framer-motion, you can sign up for it here.